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About in the House Warranty’s land warranty system

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House Warranty

In the House Warranty’s land warranty system, the House Warranty, a third party, assesses the result of ground investigation conducted according to the Building Standards Act and offers appropriate foundation specifications, as well as guarantees restoration from uneven settlement.

Can you be responsible for selection of foundation specifications?
The Building Standards Act obliges to select foundation specifications according to the ground investigation mainly as a countermeasure against uneven settlement, but it is dangerous to judge the ground condition solely by the values from the investigation. We cannot rule out the possibility of accident even when the ground looks fine, and even with such values that require foundation piles, they all are not necessarily needed. Even though selection of foundation specifications is as difficult as this, in case an uneven settlement occurs, the responsibility for foundation design will be pursued.

Excerpt from Building Standards Act

Who judges the necessity for ground improvement work?
When you ask for a ground investigation company to investigate the responsibility for a ground accident, it is highly likely to judge that ground improvement work is necessary. It is also true for a case in which you request a company mainly engaged in improvement work to investigate the responsibility. Appropriate judgment by a third party is desired.

Basic flow of ground guarantee system

To protect the properties of the client, the House Warranty’s ground guarantee system not only undertakes the ground work, but also bears the responsibility from a third party’s standpoint.

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